Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bikeways issues: University Rd tunnel

Jackie Wolstenholme wrote Townsville City Council via their webform for maintenence:

Hi TCC I am writing to again report on the cement causeway that is part of the biketrack that goes from Lavarack to the old CSIRO building. This causeway was underwater for most of last summer, often with several inches of water that was flowing too fast to ride through - or - slimy brown moss that I dreaded ever putting my foot in, as well as the hazard of slipping. With just the bit of rain that we had yesterday (on top of what we have had in the last few days), water was again over the causeway. I'm therefore writing to ask whether something can be done to fix this problem - as a longterm solution. The irony of the situation is that the time that it is impossible to ride this route due to the fast flowing water is also the time that it is most dangerous to ride on the roads (noting that there is no allocated space for cyclists on the roads in this area) i.e. when it is raining and roads are slippery and driver visibility is poor. As the slime continues to build, I worry that riding this route will become a serious hazard, even when it is not raining. An ongoing concern is also the overgrowth of grass that extends onto the biketrack. This is a hazard because it blocks a substantial part of the path and leaves little room for people riding in each direction. I really hope that something can be done to make this a genuinely safe bike route. Thank you, Jackie Wolstenholme

She then chatted up Councillor Ray Gartrell who attended our Ride to Uni day breakfast, and supplied him with photos of the tunnel and approaches. He thought a wooden bridge over the causeway might be a big help.
The official response from Council is cautious at best, but the ball is rolling, as Ray quoted 
“It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.”  We have got things moving which is a step forward. 

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