Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the response from QH re: car park intersection

From: Liza Tomlinson <>
Date: 19 March 2012 5:28:03 PM AEST
To: "Fallon, Robyn" <>
Cc: Julie Watson <>
Subject: Discovery Drive - request for bike path through former CSIRO area
Dear Ms Fallon
Your request to create a bike path has been referred to Queensland Health for consideration.  We decline your request in the interests of safety for QH staff and people riding bikes through the car park.  We believe the only safe solution is for bikers to use the designated path and to dismount at the intersection. 

Liza Tomlinson
A/ District Executive Director Corporate Services
Townsville Health Service District
Tel  (07) 4796 4189
Mob 0439 790 976


The Townsville City Council has not been so dismissive, and their official response is here:
We need to get out and look at the lay of the land and develop a response next week. 

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